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What Causes A Leaky Roof?

1) Penetrations.  Penetrations such as pipes, skylights, chimneys, and vents are common sources of leaks. Theses item are easily repaired and need to be inspected periodically by a roofing professional periodically or as soon as you notice a leak.

2) Damaged/Missing Shingles.  Storms with high winds can blow off roofing material, especially if your roofing material is reaching the end of its service life. Hail and fallen tree limbs can cause holes in your roofing.

3) Flashing.  Flashing is used at transitions between the roofing material, at penetrations, or at angle changes. This flashing can come loose, deteriorate or be damaged by the natural movement of your building structure.

4) Nail Pops.  If you have damaged or deteriorated decking it loses its ability to hold the nail or fastener. Nail pops slowly move up and penetrate your roofing material, creating a leak.

5) Wear & Tear.  All roofing material has a service life. It simply loses its ability to keep your home water tight.

6) Cable Guy.  Unfortunately, sometimes cable companies drill holes right through the roof to run coaxial cable. This definitely creates leaks.

Always have a roofing professional examine your roof for proper repairs or replacement.